Moose Rapids Campground


Republic Township operates a rustic camping area. The campground is intended for transient, temporary use, and not intended for full or part time residency.

It is recommended that a donation be deposited for each day of stay, to defray the cost of campground operation at the following rate:

  • Republic Beach NO CAMPING

Therefore, the following rules and regulations are set forth:

  1. In no case, may any Camper be placed in any of the rustic camping areas designated by the Township of Republic, Marquette County, for the purpose of permanent residency, nor may it be placed as a permanent residence.
  2. All campers placed at Moose Rapids campground shall be placed only in designated sites.
  3. Only one camper is allowed per designated site.
  4. Each camper shall be allowed 21 consecutive days, only, after which time the camper must be removed from the campground for a minimum period of 7 days. Site switching to earn consecutive periods of stay is not permitted.
  5. Each camper shall be allowed two (2) camping sessions per year, but in no case to exceed 35 days, total.
  6. No "gray water" or sewage shall be drained or dumped from any Camper, except into such collection systems as approved by the Marquette County Health department. Gray water is defined as any water that has been used in sinks, showers, tubs, etc. Campers must be self contained.
  7. Campfires are the personal responsibility of the person(s) using the fire. No person shall kindle or build a fire except in designated "fire pits" or rings. Upon leaving such fires it shall be the duty of all of the persons using the fire to see that said fire is extinguished. Forest damage caused by unattended fires shall be billed to the individual(s) who kindled, or built the fire.
  8. All bottles, broken glass, paper, boxes, cans, rubbish, waste, garbage, refuse, or any other trash must be removed from the campground by the campsite user. If it came with you, it leaves with you.
  9. Discharge of any projectile capable weapon, to include firearms, bow and arrow, spring powered or air powered is prohibited within any of the identified camping areas owned by Republic Township Firearms are prohibited excepting those allowable under the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Regulations, or individuals properly licensed under applicable state laws. Proof of licensing must be provided if requested by authorized authority.
  10. The use of fireworks within any of the identified camping areas owned by Republic Township is prohibited without permit from Republic Township
  11. Dogs or any other domestic animals must be under the immediate control of their owner, and on a leash at all times. Feces must be cleaned up and disposed of immediately. Animals left unattended will be reported to the proper animal control authority, including the Humane Society, and the Marquette County Sheriff's Dept.
  12. Excessive noise, abusive, vulgar or obscene language, actions, or conduct that is annoying to disturbing to others will not be tolerated.
  13. It is understood that the use, attempted use, or possession, manufacture, sale;, or distribution to any illegal controlled substance (as defined by local, State or Federal law) while in or about any camping area identified by Republic Township is an illegal act and shall be punishable to the full extent of the law.

These rules as adopted by the Republic Township Board May 3, 2012, shall be enforced by any member of a law enforcement agency, to include the Michigan State Police, the Marquette County Sheriff's Dept., the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, any individual Township Board member or any enforcement individual so authorized by the Township Board, including the Ordinance Enforcement Officer, Zoning Administrator, and specific members of the Sportsman's Club, which maintains the Moose Rapids Campground as a special Club project.